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Hi! My Name Is Lisa

But some people call me Veggie Lisa. I am a mom of four kids who love to dance, cook, exercise, shop, and decorate. I have had a very long journey to get to the place that I am now, strong and confident but most of all happy.

What I Teach

Eat Real Food

Learning to eat is key in weight loss. I help you learn to eat real food, that you’ll not only love, but that will help you feel better.

How to Exercise

Knowing how to work out is so important to a happy and healthy lifestyle. I will give you workout idea, tips, and tricks.

Self Love

It’s important to have self love along your journey to becoming healthy. I will help you see how amazing you are.
Veggie Lisa
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My Favorite

Tips & Tricks

Fast Food Lightened Up

If You’re Looking For A Lightened Up Version Of Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurants, I Have Got Them For You! Check Out What Is Healthy At Chick-Fil-A.

You Can See More On My Youtube Channel.

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I Have Worked With Hundreds Of Women
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Veggie Lisa Healthy Food


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Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

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Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

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