Berry Protein Crunch Smoothie

Berry Protein Crunch Smoothie has the perfect combination of ingredients! You will be amazed. Smoothies seem simple, right? Just throw whatever sounds good in a blender and press start. Well, I happen to have made some of the craziest smoothies that tasted terrible. But let me tell you, this smoothie right here is hands down my favorite one ever!

The strawberry flavor is subtle but I love the crunch of the coconut and sliced almonds. And not to mention it has over 25g of protein. It is the complete package. Smoothies come in handy during the hot summer months, especially for dinner. I will usually whip up a batch of pancakes and then a smoothie for my kids. They love it! Consider this the easiest meal you have ever made.

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Berry Protein Crunch



  1. Place all ingredients in blender
  2. Blend
  3. Enjoy immediately
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