Lemon Blueberry Smoothie

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Lemon Blueberry Smoothie is the perfect combination. Blueberry and lemon go together so well, and bring out a bright, beautiful flavor you are going to love. Sometime choosing the right foods for the right time of day can be confusing. One of the best things you can do is have a healthy dose of protein […]

Perk Morning Pick-Up

Veggie Lisa Perk

My Perk Morning Pick-Up is the way I have to start my day. Lets get real for a minute. Like really real. I am a mom to four kids With a husband A small business Church responsibilities I teach High Fitness 3x a week I wake up at 5 am every morning…..even Saturdays I’m a […]

Gourmet Toast

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Gourmet Toast for breakfast, snacks, or lunch will be your easy go to! Not only are these SUPER easy to make (I mean, it’s just toast after all) but they are a perfect snack or quick dinner when you are in a hurry. No one likes heating up the kitchen in the summer time, so […]

Easy Homemade Protein Bar

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Easy Homemade Protein Bars don’t always seem to be the best and easy option. Most of the time its just easier to go to the store and buy a protein bar. But if you are like me, I love  easy. And with 4 kids, jumping into the car and heading to the store gives me […]

Berry Protein Crunch Smoothie

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Berry Protein Crunch Smoothie has the perfect combination of ingredients! You will be amazed. Smoothies seem simple, right? Just throw whatever sounds good in a blender and press start. Well, I happen to have made some of the craziest smoothies that tasted terrible. But let me tell you, this smoothie right here is hands down […]

Carrot Quinoa Power Muffins

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Carrot Quinoa Power Muffins are a great meal prep item that will taste good and help you stay on track. When you are watching your waist line, baked goods are usually off the list. It’s not that muffins, pancakes and cookies aren’t healthy, but usually what they are made of is process, enriched and loaded […]

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Apple Cinnamon OatmealVeg recipe | Health & fitness - Veggie Lisa

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal is a great way to keep your oatmeal healthy, and packed with flavor. You won’t miss your old oatmeal recipes. Even though oatmeal is associated with a healthy breakfast, unfortunately the majority of people don’t prepare it the way it should be eaten. For example, adding heavy cream is a popular thing […]

Coconut Greek Yogurt Parfait

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Coconut Greek Yogurt Parfait is such a fun snack, that really is a treat. The coconut flavor and the berries, are amazing together! They create a party in your mouth. My friend Chelsey from Housewife to Hostess and I teamed up to bring you a series of drool worthy, healthy breakfast recipes to get your 2016 resolutions […]

Power Muesli

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Power Muesli is something that can often be loaded with sugar. I’ve got a great recipe that will keep your tummy and tastebuds happy! From the first time I tried muesli, I feel deeply, deeply in love. I know you’re going to love this breakfast staple too! Power Muesli Ingredients 2 cups rolled oats ½ […]

Coconut Greek Yogurt Pancakes


Coconut Greek Yogurt Pancakes are amazing! They are going to surprise you just how good they are, and you’ll be making them more often than not. There is nothing I love more than a fluffy, gorgeous stack of pancakes in the morning. However pancakes are usually a no-no when eating healthy. I have seen a […]