Coconut Green Beans

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Coconut Green Beans will be a huge hit as your side dish. Side dishes can be tricky, especially when the main ingredient is a vegetable. Usually in order for it to taste good unhealthy things are added to make them more appealing. These Coconut Green Beans have such a good flavor, that they only require two […]

Sweet Potato Curry

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Sweet Potato Curry is a vegan curry recipe that will be perfect for those crazy days and nights! You know those nights where you literally cannot think of one thing to make for dinner (besides cold cereal)?  Between kids, carpools, grocery shopping and checking emails I only have about 3 brain cells left by 6pm. […]

Black Bean Burger with Cilantro Greek Yogurt

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Black Bean Burger with Cilantro Greek Yogurt will change your mind about veggie burgers. It’s so good, and perfect for those summer BBQ’s. When you hear the word veggie burger, what comes to mind? Probably a gummy, disgusting looking soy patty. Textured soy protein is used often in “veggie burgers’ because it is 1-cheap and […]

Pomegranate Cabbage Salad

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Pomegranate Cabbage Salad is a great mixture of cruciferous vegetables (which include, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale and cabbage). Cabbage is super versatile, always in season and inexpensive. For some recipes I will buy the actual head of cauliflower but when I am in a time crunch I go for the pre-chopped coleslaw mix (without the dressing […]

Kale Sweet Potato Salad

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Kale Sweet Potato Salad is going to change your mind about the way you think about Kale. “I hate kale” is an expression I hear often. Here’s the thing about kale, it’s fibrous, earthy, and does not taste like bacon or chocolate. Therefore people are against it. Even blending it in smoothies doesn’t really hide […]

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Apple Cinnamon OatmealVeg recipe | Health & fitness - Veggie Lisa

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal is a great way to keep your oatmeal healthy, and packed with flavor. You won’t miss your old oatmeal recipes. Even though oatmeal is associated with a healthy breakfast, unfortunately the majority of people don’t prepare it the way it should be eaten. For example, adding heavy cream is a popular thing […]

Copycat Zupas Kale and Quinoa Soup

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Copycat Zupas Kale and Quinoa Soup is perfect for a cold day. Zupas Cafe has some great soups, and I just had to recreate this one. I love soup. Doesn’t really matter if its spring, summer, fall or prime- soup- season winter. Soup is also a great way to meal prep for the week. Cook […]

Quinoa Sweet Potato Soup

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Quinoa Sweet Potato Soup is my go-to soup for when someone in our house is sick. It’s perfect for helping those sniffles go away, and it tastes delicious. The past two weeks I have been sick as a dog. Fever, ear infections, sinus issues but thankfully I’m starting to feel a bit better. I love […]

Mini Crustless Vegetable Quiche

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Mini Crustless Vegetable Quiche are a great meal that can be prepped in advance and are great for meals or snacks! Being a vegetarian can make it hard to find quick, healthy protein snacks. Most bars and pre-made protein shakes are meant to be eaten sparingly. This past month has been so busy that I […]

Summer Veggie Wrap

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Summer Veggie Wrap is perfect for keeping those calories down, but getting full of food that is so good for you! One of the things that people always say to me is that they don’t eat as many vegetables as they should because they find them boring. Unfortunately our taste buds have been overwhelmed by […]