Perk Morning Pick-Up

Veggie Lisa Perk

My Perk Morning Pick-Up is the way I have to start my day. Lets get real for a minute. Like really real. I am a mom to four kids With a husband A small business Church responsibilities I teach High Fitness 3x a week I wake up at 5 am every morning…..even Saturdays I’m a […]

Sugar Free Lemonade

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Sugar Free Lemonade is the perfect way to kick back, relax and enjoy a cold drink. It can be hard to find a refreshing drink that is low in sugar, low in calories, and without carbonation. This a recipe for a stevia sweetened lemonade that is a perfect way to beat the heat this summer! […]

Berry Protein Crunch Smoothie

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Berry Protein Crunch Smoothie has the perfect combination of ingredients! You will be amazed. Smoothies seem simple, right? Just throw whatever sounds good in a blender and press start. Well, I happen to have made some of the craziest smoothies that tasted terrible. But let me tell you, this smoothie right here is hands down […]

Copycat Starbucks Passion Herbal Tea

Stevia skinnygirl

Copycat Starbucks Passion Herbal Tea has become my new favorite drink to make! It’s so easy, and so refreshing! A few weeks ago I was in Las Vegas and it was a cool 114 degrees. My family stopped for some gas station slushies and I just could not bring myself to do it. First of […]

Homemade Almond Milk

Veggie Lisa healthy shakes

For the past few years I have chosen to drink homemade almond milk instead of cows milk. Here are my reasons why: Almond milk (unsweetened) contains much less sugar than cows milk. Almond milk has less cholesterol and calories as opposed to cows milk. Almond milk has no saturated fat. Almond milk is naturally lactose […]

Iced Matcha Latte

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

There has been a lot of talk lately about matcha powder and its superfood powers. Some have called it the “Superfood of all Superfoods.” Truth is, for the last year,  I have incorporated matcha into my diet and am familiar with the claims. But you are probably wondering, what exactly is matcha? Matcha, by definition, […]

Skinny Milkshake

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

I know its hard to imagine anything decadent being “skinny.” But trust me, this skinny milkshake treat to keep your cool this summer. The secret ingredient? Arctic Zero. What is that you ask? It is gluten free frozen dessert loaded with 12 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber. And the best part? The […]