Marathon Mama

Marathon Mama Veggie Lisa

“If you want to win something run 100 meters… if you want to experience something, run a marathon.” -Emil Zatopek Shortly after the birth of my second baby, I decided I would try to go run around the block. I have been an active person my whole life, starting dance at the age of 3, […]

You Put the Lime in the Coconut

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Coconut Lime Thai Noodle Soup with Fortune Udon Noodles Don’t you just love a big bowl of warm soup on a cold winter’s night? I know I do! That is exactly why I came up with this Thai vegan soup option that is comforting enough to forget there is still snow outside. You might even […]

Spring Must Have’s

Veggie Lisa

*This post is sponsored by Spring is in the air and so are these latest must have fitness products. I was so excited to open my Babblebox to see all of the amazing products that I cannot wait to tell you about. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, I am always on the […]

Best HIIT Workout

Veggie Lisa Exercising

I am so excited to share one of my Best HIIT Workout with you! If you’ve ever been short on time and it is just so hard to fit everything in, this is the perfect workout for you. It is perfect for your metabolism burning!  I’ve outlined all the exercises, times, and even have pictures […]

How to Not Gain Weight on Vacation

Veggie Lisa in Disneyland

How to Not Gain Weight on Vacation – I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy! However, I have some great tips for you that may be easier than you think. During the month of April I was out of town for ten days. Ten days of not exercising, not eating my regular food, and being […]

Making Mountain Hiking Safe and Fun for Kids


Enjoying the great outdoors is one of America’s favorite summer activities, and the mountains are a perfect way to see a new place while getting in some exercise.  There’s just something about being in the wide open, surrounded by trees and wildlife, exploring new territory that brings campers and hikers alike to parks and mountains […]

Let Your Reasons Be Bigger Than Your Excuses

Veggie Lisa

So many women tell me all the time that they want to lose weight, eat healthier and most of all feel good. I agree with them, as those were and still my reasons for making good choices when it comes to my health. However, these goals get lost in between this thing that happens called […]