What Is CBD And Why Should I use it?

What Is CBD And Why Should I use it? Veggie Lisa

These three letters….C, B, D (CBD) have been all the rage lately and if you’re wondering what the heck it is… you have come to the right place my friend because we are going to break it down. What exactly is CBD?? Basically, CBD is a chemical that is found in marijuana. It does not […]

Breathe a Little Better

Veggie Lisa Breathe Right

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx.com on behalf of Breathe Right® January is here and just about everyone is looking to re-commit to their workout routines. As a personal trainer, I know all too well about setting goals for clients and helping them reach them. Lately I have been sharing a big secret with them […]

You Put the Lime in the Coconut

Healthy & tasty Food

Coconut Lime Thai Noodle Soup with Fortune Udon Noodles Don’t you just love a big bowl of warm soup on a cold winter’s night? I know I do! That is exactly why I came up with this Thai vegan soup option that is comforting enough to forget there is still snow outside. You might even […]

Meatless Freezer Meals

Veggie Lisa Power Bowls

Healthy Choice Power Bowl with Falafel and Tahini This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx.com on behalf of Conagra Brands. One of the biggest frustrations of so many vegans has been that there is not enough selection when it comes to meatless frozen meals. As I stroll down the freezer aisles at the grocery store, I […]

Blood Tests…Just for Vegans!

Veggie Lisa

What in the world is a Vegan Blood Test? If I’ve heard it once, I have heard it a million times. How can you get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs if you don’t eat meat? You must be so tired all the time. First of all, I feel just fine. I try […]

Quinoa Sweet Potato Soup

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Quinoa Sweet Potato Soup is my go-to soup for when someone in our house is sick. It’s perfect for helping those sniffles go away, and it tastes delicious. The past two weeks I have been sick as a dog. Fever, ear infections, sinus issues but thankfully I’m starting to feel a bit better. I love […]

L-Carnitine Supplement

L-Carnitine Supplement

The supplement world is a tricky place. So many herbs, amino acids, and powders to make your mind spin. Plus the FDA basically allows free reign to companies without any responsibility to back up their products claims. On a daily basis, I take 6 supplements, that’s it. They are ones I have studied, used for […]

Let Your Reasons Be Bigger Than Your Excuses

Veggie Lisa

So many women tell me all the time that they want to lose weight, eat healthier and most of all feel good. I agree with them, as those were and still my reasons for making good choices when it comes to my health. However, these goals get lost in between this thing that happens called […]