Coconut Greek Yogurt Ice Cream

As the summer temperatures rise, so do my cravings for cold, yummy, frosty treats. Ice cream is my all time favorite treat. If you gave me a choice between a baked good and ice cream, I would go with ice cream. Same thing with brownies, doughnuts, or candy. Have I made you hungry yet?

So we all know that ice cream isn’t healthy. Lots of sugar and fat. So, what about frozen yogurt? Less fat but more sugar than ice cream. Basically there aren’t any healthy options for a girl looking for a cold treat in the summer. Until now, my friends, this yogurt is so coconutty, so smooth and creamy, you won’t even know its has half of the sugar and about 23g of protein per serving. In fact when I make a big batch, my entire family devours it and there are no leftovers. When we have guests over, I always make sure to prepare 2 batches because I know, for sure, that it will be gone. And conversations usually go a little something like this:

“Wow, this is really good.”
“And its made with what?”
“Are you sure it’s healthy?”

“Any extras?”

It reminds me a lot of Red Mango. If you have ever tried Red Mango, you know how delicious it is. Sadly the Red Mango location by my house closed, so in order to survive on this planet, I needed to figure out how to make it myself. And I would say this is pretty darn close.

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  1. Mix the yogurt with the trivia in a medium bowl, add in extract to taste. Thin “ice cream” base out with either almond milk or water (should only take about ¼ cup or so. you want the consistency to be that of a normal ice cream base).Allow to site in fridge for at least an hour so that the stevia/sugar blend dissolves. Place in ice cream maker until soft set, about 20 mins ( i like mind more on the harder side, it will melt fast as you serve it). Store any remaining leftovers in freezer.

  2. The second best part of this dessert is the toppings! I like to add berries, dark chocolate chips and some unsweetened coconut. Get creative there are tons of options!
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