Coconut Greek Yogurt Parfait

Coconut Greek Yogurt Parfait is such a fun snack, that really is a treat. The coconut flavor and the berries, are amazing together! They create a party in your mouth.

My friend Chelsey from Housewife to Hostess and I teamed up to bring you a series of drool worthy, healthy breakfast recipes to get your 2016 resolutions off to a great start! When I left Chelsea’s house I came home and whipped up a batch to have on hand. It’s really that good folks! I mean, you really can’t go wrong with creamy coconut and fresh berries. The best part is it’s low in sugar, high in protein and tons of antioxidants from the berries.

In parfait cup layer yogurt, berries, yogurt and more berries on top

Top with unsweetened coconut flakes

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Coconut Greek Yogurt Parfait

Prep time:  

Cook time:  

Total time:  

Serves: 1



  1. Mix together yogurt, extract, and Truvia.
  2. Allow to sit in fridge for 20 minutes or until trivia granules have dissolved.
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