Favorite Fall Foods

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At the turn of every season I like to branch out with my tastebuds and shake up my meals! It keeps it fun and interesting and this fall is no exception. I am excited to share with you my latest and greatest finds in the grocery store. I would also love to hear some of yours!

Popping into fall always makes me think of one of my favorite treats and that is…you guessed it….popcorn! Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Kit comes in two amazing flavors, Movie Theater Butter and Simply Salted. All you have to do is cut, pour and pop….quite honestly stovetop popcorn has never been easier….or tastier! We all know popcorn tastes bests when its cooked on the stove and these kits are super easy to make.

The Movie Theater Popcorn is perfect for your next family movie night. It is made with 100% whole grain popcorn and has no artificial preservatives or flavors. Serve it alongside your other favorite movie treats and your family will think you are at the real movie theater!

Favorite Fall Foods - Veggie Lisa

Next up is the Simply Salted which is always a favorite of mine because I think simple is better! This flavor combines the perfect amount of salt and oil, with whole grain popcorn as well. One thing to note is that each pack contains 3 servings so make sure to get plenty for you next movie night.

Favorite Fall Foods - Veggie Lisa

Next up are some other ‘must have fall pantry items’ that you can use pretty much every week when it comes to cooking for yourself, your family or maybe some guests. Fall is the perfect time to stock up on those canned goods and canned tomatoes can always be found in my pantry. My #1 Favorite Fall Food diced tomatoes are the Fire Roasted flavor from Hunts. The main reason that I like to use this particular flavor is the Fire Roasted tomatoes have a smokey component that really compliments all my dishes. I like to use these especially for my crockpot Vegetarian Taco Soup dish.

Favorite Foods - Veggie Lisa

And what’s a football game without a hearty appetizer. Hunts Stewed Garlic is so versatile I can use it in anything from a queso dip or lately my favorite has been toasting pita chips and pouring the tomatoes over a block of high quality feta cheese. YUM!

Fall Foods - Veggie Lisa

And what if I told you that making quinoa or rice is no longer a 30 minutes process? SAY WHAT? That’s right, I love a good kitchen hack and these products from Success Rice are boil in a bag which means they are done in a matter of just a few minutes! The two that I love are the Jasmine Rice and Tri Color quinoa packed with protein. These boil in bag grains can save you tons of time when prepping and cooking your meals for the week.

Fall Foods - Veggie Lisa

And last but certainly not least, is a keto-friendly product from a brand you know and trust Reddi-Whip. Their newest flavor is made with zero sugar and also made with real cream. I used it to make my favorite pie, coconut cream.

Favorite Fall Foods - Veggie Lisa

I hope you try these and love them as much as I do!

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