How To Kick A$$ As A Mom During The Holidays

This past summer was crazy town for me. I was in the throws of writing my first book, chauffeuring my kids around to all their activities, tirelessly trying to entertain my very bored 6 year old, oh and ya know keep them fed…and alive. I was talking to my friend on Marco Polo (if you don’t have this in your life. you need it STAT) and I said “I think I’m going to do something to boost my confidence….I’m going to make my family dinner tonight.” Her response…. “That is EXACTLY how I feel this summer…I am sucking at being a mom and I haven’t made dinner in weeks!”

As mothers, feeding our family dinner can be another thing to check off for the day and often times it can induce quite a bit of stress when we aren’t prepared (ahem, this is where “freezer clean out” night came from). If only we had all day to sit around and perfectly plan out every detail of the weeknight dinners oh and by the way they should be healthy… and even your hangry-picky-hypoglycemic 10 year old needs to like it….sheesh its a wonder we even try!

P.S. It’s now December, which is pretty much the super bowl for moms. We have Christmas trees that need to be put up, neighbor gifts to buy, school sing along (shoot me now) and checking off every last gift your kids decide they need and then change their minds a week later… feel me, right? And didn’t you know that you were supposed to make some freezer meals last month to pull out during this busy time of year so your family can still eat home cooked food….um….screw that pinterest idea! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

But listen, the truth is, not every meal has to be super hard core healthy, take 1-2 hours to prep or even need to be planned ahead of time. I want to share with you one of our favorite dinners (yes dinners!) that can be made in under 5 minutes. That pretty much no one complains about! Not even the hangry kid.

Breakfast for dinner has long been a tradition in our family. On Sunday nights we would change into our pj’s early and whip up some pancakes together. Little did I know that this was a meal my mom did when she had run out of ideas (or groceries). It has been fun to continue this with my kids while keeping it simple enough to throw together on the spot (which is pretty much how I do everything these days)

Now I have tweaked it just a bit by turning the pancakes into waffles. I tend to like a crispy waffle a little better than pancakes, and made it higher in protein, while keeping the flavor spot on. You can feel free to get creative with toppings. Sometimes I put berries and peanut butter on mine, and my kids put a little bit of nutella on theirs (it’s all about balance right). Also this waffle has ingredients that you most likely already have on hand!

Healthy & tasty Food

Protein Waffle with Fresh Berries

Protein Waffle with Fresh Berries

Syrup Suggestions: Walden Farms sugar free syrup or Lakanto maple flavored syrup (Lisa code)

  1. Blend cottage cheese, oats, egg whites, cinnamon and truvia in blender until broken down.

  2. Pour into greased waffle iron (or you can make pancakes as well) and allow to cook until done

  3. Top with berries, whip cream and syrup
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