How To Use A Spiralizer

I’m excited to teach you How To Use A Spiralizer, and what I use mine for! It’s my favorite kitchen tool, and so easy to utilize all the time.

Growing up when people asked me what my favorite food was I always answered “Pasta!.” I loved everything about pasta, the texture, the taste, different sauces to use. etc. I mean, who doesn’t love pasta? However when staying fit and keeping your waistline in check, pasta is one of the foods to avoid. My kids have learned to love the taste of whole wheat spaghetti but I prefer to skip the extra carbs. When I started replacing my pasta with vegetables, I lost weight pretty much immediately. Unfortunately pasta is not synonymous with weight loss (insert sad face here.)

But chin up my beautiful, fit friends, all hope is not lost. We can still dream about warm, fresh marina, spicy pesto and maybe even a low fat Alfredo sauce atop our noodles. Wait, did you say…noodles?? Yes, I still eat noodles, they just happen to made out of vegetables. Yellow squash, carrot, beets, zucchini and sweet potato make my absolute favorite veggie noodles. The best part about veggie noodles is that they literally take minutes to make with this tool. On average I use this Spiral Vegetable Slicer three to four times a week. I also have friends that call me often to ask to borrow it, that’s how great it is!!
Veggie Lisa Healthy Food
Here are some quick tips:
You can eat the noodles raw, but I like to saute or steam mine in a pan for about 5 minutes. I like to eat them warm, soft (but not soggy), with a dash of olive oil and salt.
Not all veggies are created equal. sweet potato and carrot might take a little longer to saute.
Smaller, straight veggie segments work best.
Top with whatever you like marinara, pesto, roasted broccoli, shaved Parmesan, or fresh black pepper.
Spiraled noodles should last 2-3 days in the fridge when placed in Ziplock baggie.
Also I love making this “No Carb” zucchini lasagna with my spiraled zucchini.
I love being able to think about dinner as one meal, I will make the sauces and whole wheat pasta for the family and then I will have my veggies noodles all ready to be served in a matter of minutes right along with theirs.
Next to my blender, my spiralizer has saved me from carb overload a time or two. Try it out, see what works for you and let me know what you think!!

Veggie Lisa

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food
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