Monster Protein Bites

Allergies are so hard to deal with! These Monster Protein Bites are perfect for everyone!

If you happen to have a food allergy, or live with someone who does, you understand how important it is to keep certain foods out of the house. For years we wondered with my youngest child, what was causing her health problems. It took us about 2 years and many doctors but we finally figured out that she was lactose intolerant. What a difference it has made for her health to not give her dairy anymore. She is practically a different child!

I have many friends whose children struggle with nut allergies and many times have to go without treats at a birthday party or at school. That is why I made it my mission this month to come up with some healthy, nut free treats for my kids friends who happen to have nut allergies. I also wanted to make sure all the kids would eat the same treats….so they needed to be extra yummy!

My kids love monster cookies. I mean what’s not to love….oatmeal, candied chocolates, peanut butter….dang it! But after spending some time researching at the grocery store to see what I could replace peanut butter with, I stumbled up on Sun butter. Sun butter is grown right here in the US and basically ground up sunflower seeds. Sun butter has a similar texture and taste of peanut butter but it is actually free of the the top eight allergens including peanuts, tree nuts and even soy. And did you know that Sun butter actually packs more nutritional density that regular nut butters? For instance it contains more magnesium, Vitamin E, iron and zinc than other nut based butters.

The best part about Sun butter is that is easily found in major grocery chains and coming soon to local buying clubs. You can find it right by the traditional peanut butters! There are several different kinds, but I chose No Sugar Added Sun butter and also Organic Sun butter.

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

Most power balls or protein bites contain nuts and or nut butter. Here is a great alternative to those with allergies. Kids love these!!

Sun butter Monster Protein Bites

Prep time:  10

Total time:  

Serves: 30 balls


  1. Place oats in high powered blended. Pulse 3-4 times until they are broken down, but not turned into flour
  2. Mix dry ingredients in small bowl. Oats, coconut, flaxseed and salt
  3. Place Sun butter and honey into stand mixer. Pulse until combined. Add in vanilla
    Slowly add dry ingredients to wet in mixer. Stir in chips and m and ms
  4. Scoop with 2 inch cookie scoop into balls onto cookie sheet. Place in refrigerator. Will keep good up to a week. Place in freezer in airtight container for longer storage.
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