Perk Morning Pick-Up

My Perk Morning Pick-Up is the way I have to start my day.

  • Lets get real for a minute.
  • Like really real.
  • I am a mom to four kids
  • With a husband
  • A small business

Church responsibilities

  1. I teach High Fitness 3x a week
  2. I wake up at 5 am every morning…..even Saturdays
  3. I’m a monthly contributor to a local new station
  4. A maid
  5. A cook
  6. A chauffeur
    and the list goes on and on….
Veggie Lisa Perk

However, I know I am not alone. Motherhood is hard, days can be long and adding in trying to live a healthy lifestyle… friends that is a recipe for major OVERLOAD. Plain and simple I needed a little boost. A few years ago I started researching energy supplements, mainly caffeine. I wanted to know what options were out there.

I have tried  A LOT of energy supplements out there and truly I haven’t found any that:

  • Taste good
  • Have too much caffeine
  • Have many unknown ingredients

When I was finished with my research, I wanted to the most natural option, which was green tea. I settled on drinking green tea every morning. There are SO many health benefits to green tea namely improved brain function, fat loss, antioxidant abilities, enhanced athletic performance, lowered risk of cancer and decreased risk of Alzheimers just to name a few. But let’s talk about the downside for minute, the taste. Personally I am not a fan of earthy teas in general, and the green tea that I have been drinking I literally have to plug my nose and chug it down. It’s bad. Real bad.

But don’t start feeling too sorry for me yet, because my dear, dear internet friends, I have found my new favorite green tea supplement, Perk. Perk was formulated by a product formulator, Gary,  who was asked to develop a product for campers and hikers that helped give them energy and stamina throughout their day. Knowing his nutritional stuff, Gary knew that green tea was the most beneficial source of caffiene. But he also wanted it to taste good and have quality ingredients in it such as collagen and protein. After developing the product, Gary’s wife took Perk to work to share with her co workers. After giving out samples, she would find her canister missing and money on her desk. That is how good this stuff is people!!

So, I’m basically telling you that drinking Perk will not only give you a little “perk” for the day, but help strengthen your skin, hair and nails. Plus 5g of protein.

And their tagline is “Christmas in a Cup.” When I first tasted Perk, I was a little skeptical. I mean how good can green tea really taste? Let me tell you, it was Christmas in a Cup my friends. Smooth, delicious with a chai flavor…not even Starbucks can compete.

Veggie Lisa Perk

You can find more  information over at their website Perk Energy. Use code “veggielisa25” for 25% your order. Trust me, you will love it. And crave it!

Perk will also be at Housewife2Hostess’s “Frost Yourself Dance Party on November 19th. Click here to buy tickets!

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