Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowl is something that is perfect for protein, sweetness, and every meal! It’s something I now love!

One obsession I have is to try to re-create food that I will drive to a store, pay for and eat. With four kids and barely any free time, this means I hardly ever get to eat the things I crave. One of the things I am loving and craving right now are smoothie bowls. Guys, these things are so dang easy to make at home! They can run anywhere from $6-$9 a bowl at the fancy smoothie shops. The kiddos will love them and you will be saving yourself some cash (to stash away and of course spend at Target on a later date).

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food
  1. Blend all smoothie ingredients to desired consistency.
  2. You will want it to be on the thicker side so it can hold up your toppings.


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