Suns Out, Snacks Out

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Sun’s out! Snacks out! It’s that time of year. Summer is a doozy for moms, am I right?!?! Twelve weeks of entertaining kiddos all day long….its just about enough to drive a mom off the deep end of the pool!

One of my most commonly asked questions I get asked is what my favorite portable snacks are. I really enjoy things like protein bars, oranges, and trail mix, but sometimes I just gotta have something with a little bit of crunch…ya know what I mean?

Veggie Lisa

One thing my kiddos love to do is hang out at the mall during the summer. We like to walk around and look at all the fun stores. But our absolute favorite is the arcade! My kids love to spend hours hopping from one game to another…it really is a mom’s dream come true. But alas, it never fails, when we walk past the food court I always hear:

“Mom, can I have this?”

“Mom, I really want ice cream!”

“But Mom, I’m so hungry.”

This however, this is not my favorite part about taking my kiddos to the mall. Oh and did I mention I have 4 kiddos, one who is the size of a grown man. That would easily be $40 down the food court drain by the time I was done. Hashtag not my idea of a good time!

So I pack us a bag of snacks. Now I know this sounds simple but we can never agree on a snack that everyone likes. Trust me… I have been down this road and someone always ends up in tears because I didn’t pack their favorite. But I am ecstatic because I have finally found brand of snacks that I love (and trust!) and my kids love too! Finally a snack that we can all eat!

A few of the reasons I love Popchips so much is they are never fried, gluten free and just 130 calories per serving! There are so many flavors that it’s easy for everyone to be able to enjoy. It really is the perfect snack for those long summer days – in or out of the sun!

Veggie Lisa
Veggie Lisa

This popped to perfection goodness really is the best for summer and for kids wanting to snack all day! We say Sun’s out. Snacks out! Right? So, if you’re trying to beat the heat, or if you’re trying to soak up the sun, grab a bag and see how amazing these really are.

There are so many savory flavors. There is: Sea Salt, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, Cheddar & Sour Cream with Ridges, and Buffalo Ranch with Ridges.

My favorite was the BBQ. These are perfect for those summer days when the sun’s out, snacks out. Grab a bag of these tangy popchips. They have a hint of smokey flavor, and they’ll remind you of the backyard BBQ that everyone enjoys in summer.

In addition to the Popchips, they also have the Nutter Puffs. These are delicious, light, sweet snack! They have two flavors. There is the Peanut butter Nutter Puffs, and the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Nutter Puffs.

The Nutter Puffs are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or any time in between. They have 5g of protein, non gmo, gluten free and made with REAL peanut butter! It’s a win all around.

My favorite sun’s out, snacks out, from Popchips, is the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Nutter Puffs (but who is surprised by that!). They really are the perfect snack.

Popchips are a perfect summer time snack! Grab yours today. Find them at your local store here. You can also find them on Amazon and have them delivered right to your door.


Veggie Lisa
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