Thank you for a great program!  I feel that is definitely filled a gap in the ideal brand.   These are some of the best results I’ve seen.   I’ve done almost all of the 15 day with little to no results (other than feeling stronger) and last summer I did the 6 week FBC.  In those 6 weeks of following it strictly and lost the same amount of pounds and inches as I did with your program.   My body responded well to  this new program better. I’ve been trying to eat clean for the last few months but wasn’t sure how to turn the clean eating with a focus of veggies into a macro fat burning diet.   I loved this program. My body loved the program.  More importantly Lisa taught me how to eat high protein plant based foods that fueled my body and didn’t mess up my macros.  The workouts are challenging and pushed me out of my comfort zone.   Thank you for a wonderful program Lisa!