Toasted Coconut Trail Mix

Do you a trail mix lover?

It seems to be one of those things that people love or hate, or just out the good stuff. This is the perfect toasted Coconut Trail Mix for your family! It’s easy to throw together, and perfect for a mid-morning snack, something to take the park, perfect for packing in a lunch, an after school snack, or for a family hike.

This is so good, and has a variety of nuts, and dried cherries for that tangy flavor, along with chocolate chips. What is trail mix without some chocolate in there to balance it all out?!?

Veggie Lisa Healthy Food

An easy DIY trail mix that will help keep you full on the trail this summer

Toasted Coconut Trail Mix

Serving size: ¼ cup

Calories: 178

Fat: 11 g


  1. Place coconut flakes in dry pan over medium/high heat. Toast flakes 2-3 minutes or until they turn light brown. Remove from heat and set aside to cool
  2. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl
  3. Portion out in ¼ cup serving sizes in snack size Ziploc baggies
  4. Store in pantry, will keep fresh for up to 2 months
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